About Us

It is the goal of Symbiotic Earth to facilitate, to the best of our ability, the transition of land and food practices to that which is sustainable and healthy for all of the people of earth and the earth itself. Luckily, working with practices that benefit the earth also benefits us as humans as well. This mutual benefit is referred to as ‘Symbiosis’ and this is why we would like to help as many people as possible live on a ‘Symbiotic Earth’.

Symbiotic Earth’s journey began in 2012 with two friends Aaron Bernhagen and Evan Baker working together to find solutions to source healthy food for their family and friends. After years of research and practise growing food on small scales in suburban environments we decided to extend our formal education with a permaculture design course in 2014. After Evan and Aaron parted ways Aaron continued his study, completing an Earthworks Design Course with Dave ‘Doc’ Spicer and a certificate of International Project Management with Geoff Lawton at Zaytuna Farm.

In 2018 Symbiotic Earth was launched to provide Australia with the services, insight and abilities that can transform any living situation into a personal oasis for those occupying it. With years of experience in design, land management, and food production within the team, you can be confident that the results that you get from Symbiotic Earth are the most modern and innovative outcomes that can be achieved with a quality that will be a gift for many generations in the future.

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