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Symbiotic Earth is a permaculture design and installation business that provides services to help you implement sustainable practices into your lifestyle. The focus is based around reducing the impact you have on the environment and maximising the amount of food production possible on your property. From small back yard vegetable gardens to large scale mixed fruit or livestock production, Symbiotic Earth wants to help you reach your goals and maximise your output in production and viability no matter what mother nature throws at you.a


Get insight to all the potential opportunities to improve the production and sustainability of your property.
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Installation & Implementation

Do you know exactly what you would like to do but not sure how to make it happen?
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Permaculture Design

We would like to offer you a design that completely encompasses your living space to transform it into your own personal utopia!
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Soil health analysis

The health of your soil is the most critical factor involved in optimising the health of your plants.
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